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  • Riddim_GLiTCH : I dont know what this is, but here I am I guess
  • : lol wut?
  • Oprah Winfrey : YOU GET A CAR
  • trojan : Perhaps you could find another .300 hitter from the 1930's who is more deserving? What about Woody English? Oh my look at all those two .300 seasons and that .286 career average. Wow!! I bet he woke up every morning and ate wheaties, kissed his wife, walked uphill to and from the park, hated his opponents with a passion and actually loved the game. Bobby Grich probably woke up and smoked a bowl of crack, spanked a strangers child, got to the park late, didn't care whether he won or lost and dreamed about the back nine all game. Which would explain why Grich doesn't have as high a batting average, I guess.
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  • drft : forgot this site existed tbh, but here is my totally meaningful contribution to the website: U+1F956
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