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  • Ilja : Thank you for everything <3
  • billy : thank you so much!
  • Sam : Can't thank you enough, your work is important and helpful.
  • g0s : Thanks for your work.
  • Shäd : Thank you for all your hard work in posting and maintaining all of these translations, it's been a pleasure reading them all.
  • PH51 : Hi, hope you're doing well! Thanks much for all those translations, your site is a real treasure for fans of japanese horror games.
  • krystal : thx for the catherine translations xoxo (10.07.2022)
  • FG : Thank you for your amazing Siren translations! Do you plan to finish translating Siren 2 Maniacs?
  • Greg : Thanks for the hard work! Such valuable Fatal Frame resources.
  • tommy : thank you for all your hard work. i really appreciate it.
  • Seviryn : I just started reading the Zero novel translation, I’m 3 parts in but I just want to congratulate you on the amazing work. The translation is really well written and smooth to read. I am so grateful for your work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  • taro : Thanks for the work you do mate :)
  • Chinchilla : Thank you so much for sharing your translations~ have a great day !
  • A.Latif : Just finished reading the last chapter of Siren Rebirth. Thank you very much for all the good work. Wish you all the best in future projects. Good Day.
  • Ashura : As a fellow fan of Suda51 and Toyama's creations, I can't thank you enough for all the effort and dedication you have put to bring light to such timeless masterpieces!
  • Nanami : すごくすごいいです
  • Kenshiro : You are cool
  • kaminomikan : *left his greetings
  • Silverfish : Thank you for everything you do!
  • Nyx : Great site, thank you for your hard work!
  • nanaya : thank you for all this info
  • tibufas : Thank you for your work! It's immensely appreciated!!
  • A.Latif : I like Forbidden Siren and you are doing an amazing job. Waiting for the last few chapters of Siren Rebirth. Take your time and God Bless you.
  • anodaki : I arrived while swimming the internet. Thank you for reminding me of the memories.
  • Gizonde : Super useful and fascinating site! Do you have any plans to do any more Moonlight/Twilight Syndrome translations? Have you considered doing any translations of Hand in Killer 7? (There are some parts which were never translated by Deltahead Translations, like the Heaven Smile profiles or the developer interviews) Anyways, thanks once again for making these resources available in English!
  • kamui : Thank you for all the Moonlight and twilight syndrome translations
  • Hugh Mann : Stay alive. May Harman's name guide you.
  • fabien : felicitations
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