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  • A. : Thank you so much for translating Twilight + Moonlight Syndrome related stuff, it is a blessing
  • SinaXiX : Absolutely love the Siren games, this site is incredible!
  • Jake : Love this site!
  • peltate : thanks for making this site. great insights into some cool games.
  • Favriel : Amazing site! Thank you so much for hard work!
  • someone : Just discovered this place, huge Siren fan, absolutely love this site. Any chance we can get a complete SIREN MANIACS compilation file?
  • wander : I came for Siren Maniacs translations, amazing work, thanks!
  • yaroYaro : thank you thank you thank you :3
  • Shion : Thank you so much
  • wrm : thx for the site, keep it up!
  • sensor242 : Thanks a LOT for SIREN MANIACS full translations
  • Servalwi : Thank you friend.
  • Hako : Thank you mang.
  • Catherine : I love your Catherine translation!!! <3 Looking forward to reading the rest of your Rapunzel!
  • dilly5000 : This website is awesome. Reading the Zero novel finally!
  • Cocodor : This is an excellent website, thanks for all your work! Fascinating games that deserve more attention
  • Levaniko : Thank you very much for your work, SIREN is my favorite game, it's more than game...
  • Yamibito : What can i say? You are my hero
  • Hoshizaki Kou : I love Siren very much. This site is awesome. Thank you very much!
  • Latas : I'm a big Siren fan. Thank you for all the informative material and maga series!
  • Cataldo : This was the best site i found last year. Thank you so much!
  • MD : A lot of informative material that can really enhance your enjoyment of the Fatal Frame/Project Zero/Zero series. Keep up the great work!
  • Brodequin : Kudos for all fantastic translations you've done.
  • Steve : Thank you for all the work you've put into this site. This information is invaluable for people trying to solve the mysteries of these games.
  • Pav : Thanks so much for all you're doing. Amazing job, man!!!
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  • Shion : Thank you so much
  • D666 : Thank you so much!
  • Aika Ryong : Thank you thank you thank you!!! your page is amazing, totally love it <3
  • liam : the amount of amazing material you have put on here has really helped me with my masters and phd in game studies, this is an honest and deep thank you to everyone who has added to this amazing site