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  • fabien : felicitations
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  • Miguel : You have made an incredible work. Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan of survival horror genre and Siren games (specially the first one) and it's been a pleisure be able to read all your interesting, detailed and well redacted posts. And finally a big thank you for the translation of Siren Rebirth. ^^
  • STX : Thank you for your awesome work! Please keep it up!
  • Alastor : Yo! keep up the good work on Siren Rebirth!
  • Wolff : Huge Information library <3
  • KeiKou : Awesome site.
  • Rock : Finally found Siren Rebirth
  • TurtleGuy : Doing God's work.
  • Enma : Great page.excelent work. Information goldmine not found anywhere else. Great work. Goodspeed.
  • : Thank for this Goldmine of a site.ce. getting Forbidden Siren 2
  • N : Thank you for keeping such a treasure trove up.
  • A : The site's down! Hope to see it back soon~
  • Nenbard : Ditto on Danni. I didn't even know there was more Silver Case material out there, lucked out and saw this on a thread. Thanks for translating! I heard there's some new 25th Ward thing too, it'd be cool if you could handle that too! I'd be down for a tip jar too if you can set it up.
  • Danni : Thank you SO MUCH for 4.5 Face, I’m thrilled to get to read it! Please let us know if you ever make a Ko-Fi or other tip jar? I’d love to show my appreciation!
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  • Onmyoji : Thank you very much For Kuon PS2 please post a explination about wich are the nine kuon sacrificies tha happen in the game Kuon PS2
  • A. : Thank you so much for translating Twilight + Moonlight Syndrome related stuff, it is a blessing
  • SinaXiX : Absolutely love the Siren games, this site is incredible!
  • Jake : Love this site!
  • peltate : thanks for making this site. great insights into some cool games.
  • Favriel : Amazing site! Thank you so much for hard work!
  • someone : Just discovered this place, huge Siren fan, absolutely love this site. Any chance we can get a complete SIREN MANIACS compilation file?
  • wander : I came for Siren Maniacs translations, amazing work, thanks!
  • yaroYaro : thank you thank you thank you :3
  • Shion : Thank you so much
  • wrm : thx for the site, keep it up!
  • sensor242 : Thanks a LOT for SIREN MANIACS full translations
  • Servalwi : Thank you friend.