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  • Gizonde : Super useful and fascinating site! Do you have any plans to do any more Moonlight/Twilight Syndrome translations? Have you considered doing any translations of Hand in Killer 7? (There are some parts which were never translated by Deltahead Translations, like the Heaven Smile profiles or the developer interviews) Anyways, thanks once again for making these resources available in English!
  • kamui : Thank you for all the Moonlight and twilight syndrome translations
  • Hugh Mann : Stay alive. May Harman's name guide you.
  • fabien : felicitations
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  • Miguel : You have made an incredible work. Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan of survival horror genre and Siren games (specially the first one) and it's been a pleisure be able to read all your interesting, detailed and well redacted posts. And finally a big thank you for the translation of Siren Rebirth. ^^
  • STX : Thank you for your awesome work! Please keep it up!
  • Alastor : Yo! keep up the good work on Siren Rebirth!
  • Wolff : Huge Information library <3
  • KeiKou : Awesome site.
  • Rock : Finally found Siren Rebirth
  • TurtleGuy : Doing God's work.
  • Enma : Great page.excelent work. Information goldmine not found anywhere else. Great work. Goodspeed.
  • : Thank for this Goldmine of a site.ce. getting Forbidden Siren 2
  • N : Thank you for keeping such a treasure trove up.
  • A : The site's down! Hope to see it back soon~
  • Nenbard : Ditto on Danni. I didn't even know there was more Silver Case material out there, lucked out and saw this on a thread. Thanks for translating! I heard there's some new 25th Ward thing too, it'd be cool if you could handle that too! I'd be down for a tip jar too if you can set it up.
  • Danni : Thank you SO MUCH for 4.5 Face, I’m thrilled to get to read it! Please let us know if you ever make a Ko-Fi or other tip jar? I’d love to show my appreciation!
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  • Onmyoji : Thank you very much For Kuon PS2 please post a explination about wich are the nine kuon sacrificies tha happen in the game Kuon PS2
  • A. : Thank you so much for translating Twilight + Moonlight Syndrome related stuff, it is a blessing
  • SinaXiX : Absolutely love the Siren games, this site is incredible!
  • Jake : Love this site!
  • peltate : thanks for making this site. great insights into some cool games.
  • Favriel : Amazing site! Thank you so much for hard work!
  • someone : Just discovered this place, huge Siren fan, absolutely love this site. Any chance we can get a complete SIREN MANIACS compilation file?
  • wander : I came for Siren Maniacs translations, amazing work, thanks!
  • yaroYaro : thank you thank you thank you :3
  • Shion : Thank you so much